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Our company in a nutshell


STEAK is a full-service, international digital marketing agency, based in London, New York and Melbourne.

STEAK was born on 14th February 2005 (a Valentine's Day birthday!), which in digital years makes us veterans. We were founded by digital entrepreneurs who'd worked at one of Europe's first search engines. They saw the opportunity for an honest, enterprising, independent agency to help advertisers take advantage of the confusing new marketing medium that was search. Our mission was 'rare medium, well done'.

A few years on and search is no longer that rare medium, and STEAK does a whole lot more than search, but we still live by the same principle - digital marketing, well done.

Our values

We value partnership, meritocracy, restless minds and integrity, and we like to work with people who value those things too. Our clients are some of the largest and most interesting digital advertisers. They operate in various sectors, but they have one thing in common - they take their digital marketing seriously because the internet is crucial to their business. We work best with these types of clients, as driving response through digital marketing is what we're all about.

Minute Steak

STEAK's sister company, Minute Steak, was launched in 2008. Their fixed-fee PPC and SEO packages are perfect for clients with a lower media budget and less complex requirements who want great results but don't need the full-service, integrated digital account management that STEAK provides.