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Our company in a nutshell

About Us:

A Revolution In Graduate Recruitment - The SuperGrad Programme

So you are determined to be successful and want to make the most of the years ahead?

Lot's of people say they are, but only the exceptional graduates are truly committed to making this a reality. These are the SuperGrads that the SuperGrad Programme has been specifically designed for.

The SuperGrad Programme works with only the most determined graduates to help them to succeed in the best and most rewarding jobs that the recruitment industry has to offer. Many graduates do not realise that working as a headhunter at the top end of the industry is the most dynamic, challenging and lucrative career available to them.

The SuperGrad Programme not only gives you access to the best jobs, but uniquely also provides all the training, coaching and support you need to effectively transition from ambitious graduate to successful city recruiter. The Programme covers three main areas

Matching - you will be extensively assessed to ensure that you are matched only to the opportunities that are right for you, with firms that share your career goals and aspirations, and who will provide an environment where you will be able to thrive.

Career Mentoring, including advice on your CV and 121 Interview Coaching that will ensure you present yourself in the best possible light so that you ultimately secure your dream job.

Extensive training and mentoring, both before you start and over your first few months in the role, to ensure you unleash your potential and take full advantage of the huge opportunity ahead of you.

This unique approach has been proven to massively increase your chances of success within this challenging industry. Almost all SuperGrads go on to become extremely successful within the industry surpassing everyone's expectations and standards… including their own.

The Programme is the first of it's kind and also absolutely free. So what are you waiting for? Apply now and start your own SuperGrad journey.

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