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Tata Steel

Our company in a nutshell

From raw product to best in class.Imagine what the world would be like without steel. No hospitals, schools, transportation systems, even paperclips; the list is endless! Corus is now part of Tata Steel, one of the world's largest steel producers, with a combined presence in nearly 50 countries.

The Corus Vision

Corus metal is use globally in projects such as the Bugatti Veyron, the Delhi Metro and the Petronas Towers. Closer to home it used for the new Wembley Stadium, track for the London Underground and the London Eye.

We are passionate about making the world a better place. Using the perfect blend of world-class manufacturing processes, innovative research centres and inspired individuals, we can achieve the vision of becoming leaders in our field.

We aspire to be the world steel industry benchmark for value creation and corporate citizenship. This is an ambitious vision, which will be delivered through the commitment and participation of every employee.

What we look for

To achieve our vision, we look for people with the qualities that will fit into our way of thinking; these include passion, drive, enthusiasm, imagination and the ability to adapt to new challenges. We look for innovative minds and skills that go beyond just pure academic ability in order to drive change and really make a difference.

Development is key to a successful business and ensures you fulfil your potential. Our commitment to support and invest in you allows us to provide you with an individually tailored career that will be interesting, challenging and dynamic and equips you with the skills needed to excel in your chosen path in turn driving the needs of the business. Essentially, this is a two way process; it is important that you feel engaged in your career, and of course this must also tie in with business goals - the right development will benefit both.

Corus Training and Development

Your personal development plan will depend on your personal needs, performance, and career direction and future business or function route. We encourage our graduates to develop their skills though a professional qualification or Chartership. Whether you want to become a Chartered engineer, a qualified accountant or have health and safety qualifications, Corus will support you and provide you with the appropriate mentors and time needed to achieve these skills.

Should your own personal development or the needs of the business require it, Corus actively encourages postgraduate study as a means of adding skills to our workforce. A wide range of people who join our graduate program go on to study diplomas, higher degrees or other appropriate qualifications.

Application Procedure

All applications on-line via our website,

Contact details

T: 01926 488025



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