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Our company in a nutshell

About us:

Our brands are O2 in Europe, Vivo in Brazil and Movistar in Spain and Latin America.

Our work has taken us to the sea and the sky. We've laid a 27,000km cable 6,000 meters under the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, bringing digital technology to countries across the Americas.

And we're harnessing the power of the sun with over 160,000 solar panels - Europe's biggest installation.

In everything we do, we invest in the communities where we operate, and the dedication and passion of our people make a real social difference.

Our Experience / Expertise:

We started life in 1924 as Compañía Telefónica Nacional de España.

By the 60s we had more shareholders and people than any other enterprise in Spain, and since then we've remained among the biggest players in the world.

We've done it by constantly bringing new technology to people.

We created Europe's largest telephone system in the 1920s. We launched satellite technology in the 80s and 90s. And for the last decade we've been investing in communities across Latin America.

All our projects aim to open up a world of possibilities for customers and communities around the globe. And to help people connect, share and enjoy a better life

Our Vision:

Talentum is our new approach to hiring and inspiring the brightest students and graduates across Europe. If you love stepping out of your comfort zone and taking on new challenges, Talentum is for you. It's all part of our 'Think Big' initiative - a collection of progressive programmes and investments that promote the power of ideas and technology. The aim? To encourage innovative thinking, entrepreneurialism and the development of digital technology that will stimulate ideas and new business across Europe.

Career Opportunities & Training:

Graduates can join us via two different graduate schemes.

The first is our European Leadership Graduate Programme. If you have a strong academic record, a second language to English (preferably Spanish, German, Slovak or Czech), this could be the scheme for you. It’s designed to prepare high-performing graduates to be the leaders of tomorrow and to put you on the path to an international career, through world-class training, which includes 6 month European assignment. We’ll be recruiting for the 2013 programme in September of this year.

If you’d prefer to stay in one country, a local graduate programme might be a better option. Most countries have their own local graduate programmes, which allow you to specialise in a certain area, such as Finance, Marketing, IT & Networks. You’ll be trained to become a future business leader, while developing expertise in a specialist subject.

Our Team/Staff:

When you work for Telefónica, you're part of a global team of more than 250,000 talented people across 25 countries, all doing their best for the people, customers and communities we work with.

It's because of our people that we're a global player, but, however big we get, we'll always promise every single one of our customers a great service and better experiences.

Every single Telefónica person has a vital role to play in this. If you bring us passion, we'll give you the freedom to make your ambitions a reality.

If you bring us ideas, we'll help you share your knowledge with colleagues across the world.

If you bring us a special talent, we'll help you build on it and be the best you can be.

Together we can inspire progress.




Various benefits depending on the role

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