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About TheBigChoice

Company HQ location: London, Greater London

Industry: HR & recruitment

No of employees: 10

Our company in a nutshell

We exist to help young job seekers, like you, discover their dream career. Not only do we host a wide range of employment opportunities on our website for school leavers, undergraduates and graduates, we also break down all the different career routes that are available to you.

Our advice is some of the best out there, detailing all you need to know about different industries and sectors as well as specific job types. Either way, career education just got a whole lot clearer.

Life at TheBigChoice for graduates

Our team is made up of tech wizards, word smiths, analysts and exceptional relationship builders, but we all operate on the same page. Our differences and varying skill sets is what makes us stronger, and we're always on the lookout for new talent to amplify that.

This year, we launched some of the biggest developments to our platform yet… and we're not stopping there. We've got some ambitious growth plans driving us forward at TheBigChoice. We hope you can be a part of it.

Company Values


It doesn't matter what your job title is or how senior you are, we're all equally valued team members who collaborate to achieve common goals.


We love ambition here at BigChoice Group - it's what makes us aim high and succeed. With that in mind, we're always happy to support you in achieving your career goals through training and development. Tell us where you want to grow and we'll help make that happen.


There are 24 hours in a day. Eight of those hours you'll spend sleeping, eight will be spent in the office and the last eight hours will be for your own time. Having a strong work-life balance allows you to have a healthy relationship with your job, and in turn, feel more fulfilled by the work you do.


We always strive to be trustworthy, transparent and candid with our audiences. Of course, this mantra has to be practiced every day within our work environment too. We encourage open and honest communication in the workplace, which allows us to make more accurate business decisions, grow as a Company and always do the right thing.


Make a real impact

You'll contribute directly to the work we do here and to helping make the job hunt for young people simpler.

22 days annual leave

TheBigChoice also closes for the Christmas period, meaning your annual leave is free to use throughout the rest of the year! Plus January blues don't exist in this office.

Competitive salary & team-wide bonus structure

We're all about acknowledging work fairly. TheBigChoice work as a team and therefore reward as a team.

Fully stocked up tea & coffee cabinet

Complete with milk and biscuits.

Learning opportunities

As well as having access to some of the industries greatest experts (who are always happy to help), you'll also be able to continously develop through our range of digital courses available.

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