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Torchlight Education

Our company in a nutshell

Torchlight Tuition

Torchlight is an agency set up by a career tutor who wanted to provide something better that what he'd experienced first hand. Our recommendations are truly personal. 

We take the time to listen to parents, meet and evaluate all of the students and to carefully train and mentor all of our tutors.

We are local by choice and don't widely advertise our services. This is because we know that word of mouth recommendations are what parents value most. In addition to this we need to limit the growth of the business to ensure that we always have the time to recruit the best tutors: a really time consuming process!

Local also means that we can get to know the schools we work alongside as well as possible. It means that all of our clients can pop into the office for an assessment, a free consultation or a chat as and when they need. Local means a good rate of pay for tutors but the ability to keep these fees reasonable as we cut down on travel time.

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