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Our company in a nutshell


Withers is a law firm at the very top, in terms of its market, its reputation and the career opportunities it can offer. Our success lies in the quality and diversity of our people.

Whether you are thinking about a career in law or already a lawyer or business services professional, we are attracted by those at the top of their game who are determined to keep growing and developing, in the same way that we have as a firm.

Who we are

We are an international law firm headquartered in London, with offices in the United States, Europe, Asia, and the Caribbean. We specialise in tax, trust and estate planning, as well as litigation, employment, family law, and other legal issues facing high-net-worth individuals.

Since 1896 we have been trusted advisors to successful people and businesses with complex legal needs, in good times and bad. We now have over 1000 people, 160-plus partners, sixteen offices and a current claims portfolio of around £5bn.

Careers with us

Our strong commitment to learning and development along with our inclusive culture has won us external recognition as one of the best employers. As a graduate, there are many options.

Take a look HERE.

With us, a training contract lasts two years. As a trainee, you would be posted to four different teams around the firm - we call these 'seats' and each seat lasts six months. We will work with you to understand the areas of law that you are particularly interested, and will try to help you get the seats that best match your career aspirations. Our priority though is to make sure you receive the balanced training that you need to qualify as a lawyer.

At the start of each seat, you'll be assigned a supervisor who - as well as giving you work - is responsible for mentoring you, and for providing training and feedback on how you are doing. You will have two appraisals with your supervisor in each seat - half way through and at the end to make sure that in addition to regular informal catch-ups, you have opportunity to discuss your objectives and what is expected of you.

As well as technical legal training, we also provide you with the skills you need to succeed commercially. This includes presenting, negotiating, workload management, business development, client relationship management and networking.

We also know that diversity is key to our success. Diversity and inclusion are deeply embedded in our culture. Having a diverse workforce at all levels within the firm is not a new phenomenon for us. We have been topping the tables for the proportion of women and LGBT employees and partners for the last 20 years.


Oh, and you should flick through the pages of our magazine HERE called With Us. Get it? We rather like the name…


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