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Wuhan International Kindergarten

Our company in a nutshell

About Us:

Wuhan International Kindergartens was first founded in 2002 and our main objective has always been to provide quality language skills to all of our students and prepare children for primary school.

Not only this, but we also take pride in our reputable status for providing foreign teachers with the best possible experience during their time in China!

Since this time, Wuhan International Kindergartens has expanded and the company now operates over 50 English nurseries, not only in Wuhan but also in neighboring cities. We have more than 1000 teachers currently working for us and are proud to say hey are all now experienced teachers that have gone through our program!

Our Experience / Expertise:

Each new teacher that joins our family is provided with a teaching crash course that will prepare them for any situation that could occur within your class! The teaching course will include:

Introduction to teaching in a kindergarten

What is expected from a foreign teacher in a kindergarten

How to control your class

Different teaching techniques and styles

Lesson plans and example games

Dealing with your Chinese assistants

Not only do we include all these things but we also cover many more topics! Any questions, problems or worries you may have can be addressed by our experienced employees!

As you can see our introduction to teaching is a clear step by step process that will guarantee to bring you confidence in the class room.

During our 12 years here we have perfected a system that can help foreigners create a memorable and rewarding experience here in China!

Our Vision:

Providing quality education to the Chinese community and ensuring a thoroughly challenging and rewarding professional experience for our Foreign English teachers

Career Opportunities & Training:

Career pathways exist with our Kindergartens ranging from:

Teaching Directors,

Director of Studies

Teacher Trainers

And also with our parent company with opportunities such as:

Corporate Trainers

Education Consultants

International Education Program Managers etc

Our Team/Staff:

With over 1000 Chinese teachers and 50 Foreign English teachers our teaching teams work together to foster relationships and improve curriculums and lesson preparation and presentation


Several provinces in China


Competitive salary with free apartment, airfare etc provided

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