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What Experience Do You Need For A Career In Public Sector


All you need to know about the Public Sector industry

In the Public Sector you’ll be making a difference through being a part of the services that keep the country running smoothly. From our schools, to hospitals, to policies that govern our lives, there is a wide range of areas that you could be working in.

You could be working within local government, which is responsible for schools, social care, sports facilities and other state-run services within your area. Within local government you could also work on community events and if you enjoy the feeling of giving back to a community and helping it to thrive you will find this work highly rewarding.

Alternatively, you could work for the Civil Service and central government and be involved with country-wide infrastructures such as transport, education and health. This work is incredibly important and you could even be helping to write legislations and policies that are implemented all across the UK.

The public sector has hundreds of professions to choose from and needs people from all backgrounds with different skillsets. Typical areas that you could work in within the Public Sector include:

- Charities
- Environmental services
- Building surveying
- Technology
- Finance
- HR
- Marketing
- Project Management
- Teaching and education
- Health and social care
- Emergency services

Governments tend to be very flexible with working patterns and have quickly adopted a ‘flexi-time’ scheme that allows you to manage your own working hours to some degree. There is also the added bonus of generous pensions and benefits package. On average, the pay tends to be lower than the private sector, but the enviable working conditions keep a lot of people there. They are also dedicated to continued professional development (CPD) and will help you to achieve your career goals.

Skills & interests needed for Public Sector

It is likely that you will have to work with the public, so will need to be personable with good communication skills. You will also need to be sensitive to the needs of others and be able to build relationships with people from a range of backgrounds.

Other skills that’ll help you to be successful in the Public Sector are:

- Logical approach
- Interest in politics

- Ability to Work Under Pressure
- Analytical skills
- Commercial Awareness
- Organisation
- Problem Solving
- Research skills
- Resilience
- Time Management

What work experience do you need for a career in Public Sector

If you don’t have a degree, you can apply to the Civil Service Fast Track apprenticeship program to give your career a strong start. For those that do have a degree, the Civil Service Fast Stream offers a clear pathway into leadership roles within the civil service.

Alternatively, seek out experience in the field that you wish to go into. For example, if you fancy going into the government side of education some work experience in a school will benefit you.

Your local government may offer opportunities to get involved in community events, art shows or even assisting on poll days. Try to get as much experience as possible with anything related to your local government – and make sure to speak to people working in the industry when you’re there!

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