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What Experience Do You Need For A Career In Science & pharmaceuticals


All you need to know about the Science & pharmaceuticals industry

Science spans across human, plants and animal life and then even further afield into galactic research and space exploration. Pharmaceuticals is often thought of as a separate industry because it is so vast. Pharmaceuticals is concerned with the research, development, creation and distribution of drugs that are in supermarkets and used in hospitals. If you’re involved in any aspect of this process you’re doing incredibly important work for society.

Science and pharmaceuticals is an extremely fast-paced industry as new discoveries and research is constantly taking place.

The work is demanding and can also be very challenging. Science and pharmaceuticals usually take on the task of battling epidemics and attempting to find cures to devastating diseases like cancer, HIV or Parkinson’s. At the same time, the reward of helping millions of people cannot be found that easily in other industries.

When thinking of science and pharmaceuticals, we immediately visualise a career helping people and curing illness. However, you can also work within food science, or environmental science, or even forensics. There’s countless number of opportunities available within science and people with strong scientific skills are high in demand.

Skills & interests needed for Science & pharmaceuticals

Of course, you will need to have the scientific knowledge for whichever area that you choose to go into within science and pharmaceuticals. Alongside this, there are several soft skills that’ll help you in the industry.

If you work within research in some of the most challenging issues that the world currently faces, then you could be dedicating your whole working career towards a single problem. You must be extremely dedicated and passionate about the work that you’re doing.

What work experience do you need for a career in Science & pharmaceuticals

Work experience can be sourced in a wide range of places for science – the NHS is perhaps the most obvious, but a lot of laboratories will also offer work experience. If you are studying, University labs often will recruit students or offer work experience to those studying science.

It’s worth noting that these roles will often be more on the administration side, but you will be learning about the working processes within the industries which will help you later on when applying for more senior roles or work placements.

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