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Helping you find a career in Audit & accountancy

Auditing and accountancy roles will always be critical, as they make sure that businesses are operating sustainably, profitably and honestly.

In auditing services alone, the four big UK accountancy firms - Deloitte, PwC, EY and KPMG - generate billions of pounds. These are the biggest employers in the industry, although there are numerous other employers of a smaller size.

Auditing is an independent analysis of an organisation’s finances and their records for accuracy. Across many sectors it is a legal requirement, but where it is not often companies opt to do them anyway so that they can get advice on how to improve their financial operations.

Accountancy covers most areas of finance and, in general, it requires recording and reporting on any business transactions that involve money. They are responsible for keeping the systems in order and maintaining the financial records of a business.

As with any finance career, the salaries can be quite high as you progress up the career ladder. Financial directors typically earn around £70,000 a year. This’ll be more or less, depending on the size of the company that you’re working for.

Skills & interests required for a career in Audit & accountancy
These roles require a high level of analytical, numerical and IT skills, alongside soft skills such as negotiation, innovative thinking, communication and professionalism.

Some other skills that will benefit you in the accountancy and audit industry are:
- Ability to Work Under Pressure
- Commercial Awareness
- Motivation
- Problem Solving
What Audit & accountancy work experience do you need?
Formal work experience is often not necessary in this field because you will be trained on the job by your employer. Many employers, however, will ask for a degree to prove that you are proficient with numbers.

There are a few employers that offer short one-week work experience programs to provide a basic introduction into the auditing and accounting industry.

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