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Helping you find a career in the Building industry

There’s a place for everyone in the building industry, from bricklayers, to window fitters, to painters. Any time somebody wants to construct a new house, office building or put up a skyscraper, they’re going to have to call in some builders. And building will call on teams with a diversity of skills and experiences, meaning you’re sure to find a role that suits your interests in the industry.

The construction industry accounts for a large chunk of UK employment. This is partly due to the scale of the industry – everyone needs a house! – but also because there is a diverse range of roles within in the industry.

If you’re a school leaver, you’ll find opportunities in bricklaying, carpentry and similar types of labour. If you’re not afraid of hard work, you’ll find plenty of opportunities for work. Some positions will require no experience, while others might require a qualification in carpentry or plumbing. You can get a National Vocational Qualification to prove you’re qualified, and this can be done on-site so you won’t have to take time away from work! Getting an apprenticeship or a City & Guilds Carpentry Craft Certificate can also be useful.

Builders often work freelance, although some are hired by companies. This will allow you to move around a lot and take on lots of different challenges. As a builder, there will always be demand for your skills so you shouldn’t have any problem finding employment. Another benefit is that much of your work will be outside, so if you enjoy the outdoors, a career in building may be for you!

How to get Building internships, work experience or placements
Some positions within the building industry require little or no experience. However, an apprenticeship can go a long way in proving your skills as well as familiarising you with the industry and making sure it’s the right fit for you.

A college course may also give you some relevant experience. Many college courses will include an apprenticeship.

Other positions may require several years experience within the industry already, especially in more advanced roles. This presents plenty of opportunity for you to work your way up the industry – there’s always an exciting opportunity just around the corner!
Skills & interests you'll need
Well, first things first: you’re going to need to be physically fit. Any job in the building industry is probably going to see you lifting a lot of heavy objects, so you should be prepared and comfortable with carrying out intense labour for long hours.

If you’re interested in a more specialised role, a qualification in the appropriate field can go a long way. The City and Guilds Business Group offers a wide range of qualifications for many roles within the building industry. It may also be useful to get an apprenticeship; get in contact with local building companies to see if they have anything available.

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